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when random flips align… or “three and a topper”…

My husband doesn’t take compliments well. Perhaps not unlike most of us. Sometimes our DNA has us uttering all sorts of stuff, some nonsense even, rather than just smiling and … Continue reading

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whatever works…

Last night my hubby and I sat out on the deck while grilling and chatted about movies. I asked him about “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, what he remembered, … Continue reading

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So strange sometimes how the Universe reaches out and gives you a little shove. You may be looking for a kick in the pants or a slap across the face or … Continue reading

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For those of you playing along at home…

This week is already shaping up into a great one. Lots cookin’. Lots in the hopper. On the brain. Flood gates about to bust open. But first… On Saturday, Patrick … Continue reading

July 22, 2014 · 1 Comment


Greetings, dear ones. Sorry for being AWOL. MIA. Been a strange, trying last several weeks. Peaks and valleys, summits and trenches, elation and defeat, joy and disappointment, belly laughs and tears. … Continue reading

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wondering what the stick will say….

I’ve never peed on a stick. I’ve peed in the woods, in ditches, hanging off rear bumpers, I’ve even peed in a wetsuit, but I have never peed on a stick. … Continue reading

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shitty first drafts…

Writers know this concept all too well. They should recognize one origin of this catchy little phrase as a diatribe from Anne Lamott’s book on writing entitled “Bird by Bird”. If you’re … Continue reading

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