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a twisted mulligan…

Kinda diggin’ this post title — sounds like I’m ordering some fun drink…. “I’ll have a Twisted Mulligan, please.” No idea what’s in it — or if such a drink exists [though it should] — but I bet it’s yummy.
When Patrick and I play golf — and Lord help us, we WILL play golf this year!!! — we have our own set of Brainerd rules. Golf can be quite frustrating (spin that to “humorous”, “humbling”, “embarrassing”), so we do things to amp up the FUN quotient. Two shots off the tee on holes #1 and #10 (front and back), to unkink the amped-up nerves. One mulligan — which, again, is basically a free “do over”, the ability to try another shot without the flub counting against you — per each 9 (front and back). And then come the add-ons, depending on the day/round. Sometimes we use THE CARDS…. each card represents something GOOD (par, birdie, one-putt, chip-in) or something NOT SO GOOD (snowman — which is an 8 on a hole, the highest we note, btw — hitting a tree, landing in the water, losing a ball, etc.) Whenever you DO whatever that card is, that card goes to your pile. Hence, the cards get passed back and forth, and then at the end of the day, we tally ’em up…. whoever has more bad than good owes the other a beer, or whatever we choose. Another add-on we use on particularly rough outings is…. if you would like to earn an ADDITIONAL mulligan on either the front or back 9, it costs you a smooch. Yup, right there on the golf course! Mm-hmmmmm.
For me, 2017 is sort of a MULLIGAN YEAR…. not that 2016 didn’t exist, just… it wasn’t “up to par” in terms of what I’d hoped to do/accomplish/etc. So .. taking another shot at it this year. Still working out some kinks — quite literally, where my back in concerned. But I have HIGH HOPES, GOOD INTENTIONS and BIG PLANS, so….I remain determined to get things sorted out so I can DO what I set out to do this year.
One of the ways I’m trying to keep myself on task — and what made me think of “a twisted mulligan” this morning — is…. at the start/end of each month, I review my plan/goals, note highlights and accomplishments, re-asses my methods/practice, and then make a new list specific to the next month. I have a master list plus, for my writing endeavors, a more specific list for the 1st and 2nd quarters. So … yesterday, I reviewed and assessed January. And I mean to tell you… for someone whose biggie is to feel more “accomplished” this year, this was great! No, I didn’t knock everything off my list, no doubt about that. But when forced to jot down what I DID do? It was a pretty decent list!!
Some highlights….
— I went to a yoga class, something I haven’t done in a few years. It was humbling to stand before that mirror, but I did it! And I loved it. And I’ll go again.
— I took an on-line screenwriting class, specific to PIXAR storytelling. It was a blast!! Picked up some nice little nuggets and enjoyed the finale Skype discussion.
— I made a new friend in L.A., helping by reading and providing feedback on her script. Way fun!!! No doubt she’ll be someone I hunker over coffee with at some point this year.
— my “try something new” for January: I took my first kickboxing class! Holy moly, Batman…. my wiggle jiggled and sweat poured and my face was beet red. Oh, and I did burpees! Willingly!! What!?!?!?! And yes, I’ll go again.
— completed my first two days of substitute teaching — what. a. blast!!!
— speaking of a BLAST, I pulled out my guitar multiple times in January and worked on new songs. Yesterday’s flurry was so much fun and felt so great, it got me thinking I kinda want to perform in public again this year. No idea when or where, but…
— as planned, I dedicated a week to preparing materials and submitting an application to the Sundance Episodic Story lab. Oh, that’s like for a TV series idea. So … first 5 pages of pilot episode, plus essays on the series as a whole, a synopsis for “season 1”, and on why I want to write this, and what it’s like tonally and thematically. Love, love, love…. and Bam! First competition entry done!
— in regards to my “declaration” and “setting a beacon” out there in the world, I had a few conversations with friends over my BIG (yeah, like “hold onto your horses” Big) goal when it comes to my screenwriting. Ready?? Cuz now that I’ve ripped off the Band-Aid, it’s much easier to keep sharing….. I want to someday be sought out to collaborate on and write the script for an animated feature, i.e. by one of the biggies: Pixar, Disney, Illumination…
It was fun to tell friends and see their reactions. Like — shock/surprise. See, that’s what’s funny — and it actually is something I need to work on this year….. I come off (or at least I think I do) around my friends as kinda serious, calm, even-keeled. But .. and you can ask my husband this… I can be a total GOOFBALL. I can’t even tell you some of the things I do to make my boy laugh… Seriously, I can’t tell you. Just know:  they always make him laugh. Plus…. think about this for a second….. I love writing songs. Granted, not all animated movies feature songs, but many do. I have project ideas tucked away in my coffers for animated features and, for one in particular anyway, I could SING you bits and pieces of any one of its dozen or so songs. 
Next thing I did yesterday was jot notes for February. One nudge I received in my Fire Starter Sessions book is to work on some NO’s. Well, silly-ass me….. I jotted NO BEER. Wait, what?!?!? AND I declared it out loud to Patrick — much to his shock and chagrin — that I am “off beer” until AFTER I complete a trail race, be that in April, May, June, whenever I see fit to sign up and get one done.
I also scribbled down the EARLY deadlines for the screenwriting competitions I want to enter this year: Nicholl, Austin, and The Writers Lab, which is specific to female writers over 40. All early deadlines are in March, so….. with February being a short month, I may not be around here on the blog much, as I have some jamming to do on MR. FLINT.
Not sure why I’m sharing all this other than, I guess, to say — DON’T BE AFRAID to shout your declarations from the rooftops!! Don’t shy away from TELLING YOUR TRUTH and sharing your biggest, wildest dreams. Don’t be hesitant to make goals — daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, whatever. But then, don’t just toss ’em in a drawer! Keep ’em within reach. Post them in open view! And nicely tell yourself to revisit them at specific intervals so you can see how you’re doing, what changes you need to make to your plan, and as a booster shot for realizing you ARE DOING some things!!
Will you accomplish everything you set out to do?? Well, if you’re like me and make these outrageously big lists? Probably not. But no matter — not succeeding doesn’t necessarily mean you’re failing … unless you give up trying.
So here’s to DECLARING!!
Here’s to setting a BEACON out there for the world to see!!
Here’s to planning your work and working your plan.
Here’s to celebrating getting yourself back in the saddle and to trying new things!
And here’s to NOT GIVING UP……..
Now go…. go make your February fantastic!

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