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don’t be an ironing board…

Beware: my head space right now is all over the map and Lord only knows what might come tumbling out beneath my wildly flailing fingers…

I will say this — my morning romp through Twitter netted quite the interesting bevy of mind-worms to toy around with. I’d already posted, to Facebook, what I thought was the best of what I’d find — the recent Burger King anti-bullying ad. Holy shit, Batman — that’s some stellar stuff!! If you’ve not seen it, my goodness — go seek it out! Seriously.

But then, mere moments after posting that, I came across something else. Well, oh my…

The other day — this Tuesday, in fact — the prompt for Bell Work I scribbled on the board for the 8th graders, a prologue to the short story “The Necklace”, was this:

“Do you believe in destiny? Do you think someone’s destiny could ever be a mistake?”

I didn’t have time that afternoon to go read what kids had written, but it made for a rather interesting discussion. They were all over the board with their thoughts, which I adore to no end. My contributions to the cause was about how, if you have something you love doing, some pursuit or some passion, some tug on your heart, some speck of talent for something or something you consider a potential life-long goal, hold onto it. Find a way to hold onto it. Why? Because chances are it’s going to hold onto you.

I speak from experience, of course.

You can do everything in your power to squash it, to dim its light, to tuck it away, to lessen its power over you, to wrestle yourself free from its hold…..

You can study something else at college, you can take job after job after job which may have next to nothing to do with that passion, you can immerse in distraction after distraction and have a helluva lot of fun in the process, but guess what — at the end of the day (some, one, any day at some point way down the line of years of your life…), that passion?? It’s still “right there”. Tugging on the back of your shirt like a kid trying to get your attention…….. Hey lady! Hello? Can you see me now? Are you listening? Yeah, sure, go ahead — run off. I’ll follow you. You know I will… I am nothing if not patient. I belong to you. Always have. Always will. Deal with it. Teehee.

Okay, you’re right — I didn’t elaborate to that extent with those eighteen 8th graders, but … I tried making my point: Find a way to keep that passion in your life, because it’ll definitely find a way to keep itself in yours.

I’ve been in somewhat a nostalgic head space of late. Not necessarily longing for things past, but giving them the honor and credence and love and appreciation they so rightly deserve. Well, okay, maybe a bit of longing too. There are definitely some things I miss. I’m not sure I can honestly remember the last time I’ve been engrossed in one of those soulfully deep, meaningful, let’s stay up all night going into these weeds kind of talks. Well, check that: I actually do remember. It was this past July. With my step-son.

I guess that’s what journals are for now, huh? And .. yeah, my walks in the woods. One of which I took yesterday. And it was delightful.

But .. those kinds of talks with friends? I kinda miss that. Like, a lot. And not to say that time with friends isn’t awesome — because it is! And I lap it up like an eager puppy.


So, yeah, anyway, pardon my diversion. Back to the Twitter feed…….

Another tweet netted me this little gem from MindBodyGreen about how to journal your way through any plateau, with these three questions:

  1. How do you live longer?

  2. How do you find fulfillment?

  3. How do you face fear?

Damn. That’s some good stuff, yeah? Well, it ain’t the Burger King ad, but…

But!!! It wasn’t the pinnacle of tweets for my morning. Oh, no……… there was one more punch to the gut, one more ball-buster (for any male readers who might trip onto this post…), one more tap on the shoulder, one more wink, one more gem.

It needs no explanation. Perhaps it defies explanation. It will resonate with those who need this kind of resonating most. 

So as you go about your harried, luscious, gorgeous, sunshiny, chock-full-of-normality, tedious, trying, happy/sad, demanding/challenging, gloomy, glorious day, I leave you with this:



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