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the thing about clean slates…

The Universe, of late, seems to be handing out epiphanies like Halloween candy.

I am not complaining. I’m, well…. eating them up. Like Halloween candy.

I was granted a HUGE one over the weekend. So much so, when it tumbled out of my mouth during my Sunday morning chat with my Sissy, my hubby spun around in the desk chair with this big smile on his face, offering a thumbs up and nodding like I’d just won the lottery.

What I said was something akin to this: “I need to look at our walls as if they are no longer our walls.”

Yup. I said that. In earnest. Very soon I will leap into action removing EVERYTHING from our walls. Thereby paving the way for whichever painter we choose to come in and do what we couldn’t quite do in the thirteen years we’ve been in this house — put a fresh color on the walls of several of our rooms.

After a recent few days of deep-diving into articles and guides and blog posts about “white space” and “essentialism” and “minimalism” — as well as articles on “ending the year intentionally” and “building a practice of gratitude” — I evidently made room for this blazing glory of an epiphany from the Universe this morning:

We are not simply given this….

clean slate

…. a clean slate. Oh, no. That’s not really how it works.

In order to have a clean slate, we must, actually, ya know: clean it.

Take that and twist it around any way you’d like and whatever way works for you. It may mean taking our stuff off the walls. It may mean hiring a painter. It may mean grabbing up our own paint brush. Or eraser. Or sponge.

And our “slates”?? Sure, they might be actual walls. But they might be something else entirely. And the epiphany still holds. The cleaning’s on us…

It’s a process. Of choice. Of intention. Of action.

cleaning the slate

And yep, the cleaning can be messy! Lord knows I’ve learned that in the past however many weeks. I’ve learned to embrace the mess. I’m learning to love boxes and garbage bags and sorting and “letting go”. It may seem like I’m tackling small spaces at a time — like the cabinet where our plastic containers reside. Where fewer reside now. Or my sock drawers and underwear drawer. Which prompted my giggles and groans as I pitched pitched pitched yesterday afternoon. (Oh, and I can no longer tease my husband about ANY of his underwear………)

This morning, as he was getting dressed for work, my hubby calls out: “What is Johnny doing?” I didn’t immediately rise and go see. Instead, I asked what he was referring to. To which I was told how Johnny was sitting on the bed, staring around at the walls .. and the empty headboard .. and the boxes. How he didn’t necessarily look distraught or freaked out. More like .. reflective. Sentimental. Contemplating. (I know, I know — we’re talking about a cat, but…….just go with it.)

There’s a lot of that going on around here of late. But! What I’ve learned is to contain nostalgia for mere moments and then move on. I keep thinking back to a conversation I had a while back with one of the neighbors, who asked me: “Aren’t you going to miss your house?” And almost immediately I replied: “it’s just a house. It’s walls. I’ll miss the neighbors and I’ll miss sitting on the deck, but…”

And I maintain there’s truth in that. Soon there will be new walls. I have no idea what those will look like. I have no idea if they’ll need fresh coats of paint to create “a clean slate”. But I do know it’s the people (and the pets) and the experiences and laughter and cooking and game-playing and relationship-building that happens within those walls which take the structure from a mere house .. to a home.

Alright………. before I nose-dive into whatever today’s “purging” brings, it’s time to game-plan today’s edition of “CHOPPED” and then head out for a few errands. (Yep, having great fun attempting to clean out freezers and cabinets. Oy!) And while the rig is getting its oil change, I have printed some of those articles I mentioned above, as well as some sheets upon which I can begin brainstorming stuff for 2018. Because…. oh, how you know I love the year-end assessment and new-year brainstorming!

So, dear ones, I hereby toss some mojo into the Universe on your behalf to embolden the cleaning of whatever “slates” you have in your midst. Embrace the mess, my friends! Enjoy the process. Dare to dream. Envision away. And remember:

Chalk dust comes out in the wash….


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