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new doors…

Last night was Skype Night with the girls. Oh, how I look forward to Skype Night. We’ve read well over twenty books since we started and there’s no doubt I garner something from each and every one.

Last night they asked how things were shaping up on the house-selling and house-finding, and I must say: it’s a very strange prospect to think|know in less than three months — and likely much less than that — I will be typing my blog posts (assuming I continue the|a practice) in an entirely different room with an entirely new-to-me view, with a different color of walls surrounding me and keeping me safe.

I don’t know yet what that looks like….

I mean, sure, I spend far too much time searching house listings these days. I can’t quite figure out if doing so is fruitful, therapeutic, entertaining or frustrating, but I do know it’s necessary and all part of this process. I’ve culled a few favorites. But I also realize what I see on my monitor may not translate in real life.

I will say this: I’m kinda hoping our “new doors” are “old doors”. That they boast a little history. And older knobs. And sturdy wood frames. Surrounded  by walls holding stories. And characters. And character. Yeah, I could thrive amidst that, I think.

But we shall see…

In between the moments (well, okay: the hours) devoted to “the great purge” — cleaning out, boxing up, carting off, pitching, preparing to donate, preparing to paint, measuring windows for new blinds, taking an inventory of light switch and outlet covers — I’ve found time for some of my traditional December thinking time. That’s a whole different sort of inventory and making of lists. But, much like all these other tasks and to-do’s, I feel it too is necessary and part of my process.

It’s how I roll.

A friend found me hunkered down at Starbucks the other day, in the throes of a deep dive into year-end thinking. I was waiting for the rig to have its oil changed, so had a perfect amount of time to begin. I’d found an article on a minimalist site: “End Your Year Intentionally with These 10 Questions.”

Well, hello! It prompted copious amounts of scribbling! Always a good sign.

Next up: “A Simpler Way to Do the New Year.” Lord only knows what sort of rambling brainstorming it will prompt.

Weaved amidst all this have been random scribbles anchored in thoughts of:

— acknowledging what brings joy
— letting go of what’s not working
— trying new practices to discover what works better
— exploring new terrain
— developing a space for flourishing
— finding outlets for bravery

Okay, yeah, I know… that’s some woo woo infused mumbo jumbo, right?? Well, what if I tossed examples out there? Like … see if you can figure out how the following align with the woo woo thoughts above. Ready?

<> deleting podcasts which no longer seem entertaining/inspirational
<> tossing or donating clothes which haven’t seen the light of day in years
<> trial run for new podcasts and blogs
<> preparing for a social media (think Facebook, Twitter, whatever) cleanse
<> checking out golf courses and trails in/around our new town
<> breaking into my new Plum Paper planner

Within days, I have found a few new podcasts to check out, noted golf courses to check out come spring, discovered an active biking club, found something called Salomon Running TV on YouTube, been scribbling thoughts about what sorts of practices may shape my 2018, and I’ve been considering my thematic word for the new year.

Taking inventories and investing thought into what brings joy helps me remember moments like this:

run toto run - Joni smile

Because epiphanies keep nosing their way in, please allow me to share another:

I know what lies ahead in 2018 isn’t about do-overs or mulligans or re-discovering or going back and doing things I’ve already done. Rather, it’s about moving forward into spaces and practices and rooms and experiences and adventures which might feel familiar, but if I approach them with a fresh sense of wonder, they can be “new” again. Which is sort of what a New Year is all about, no??

I’ll leave you with a few bites of inspiration for your day… Enjoy, dear ones.



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