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home stretch…

Perhaps sitting here is an act of defiance. After knotting myself up in a kerfuffle last night, I’m not ready to rush out the gate this morning. Defiance, or whatever kissing cousin word comes to mind, sounds better than procrastination, no?

[I always thought it was kerfluffle. Yeah, um, no: kerfuffle. Who knew…..]

[sidebar two: it’s 6:19 in the morning and out my window right now is this amazing glimpse of the moon draped in cloud cover. It’s like … like Mother Nature pulling up a blanket on the moon before my very eyes…..fading….almost…….just about……and gone.]

A very solid reminder to me this morning about mindfulness. About paying attention. About slowing down — even when everything around you feels like a whirlwind — in order to pave the wave for noticing things, for tuning in, for investing, appreciating, and gratitude. It’s a small but mighty practice I’ve been conducting nearly every morning — and believe you me: it makes for a far finer start to each day than rising and checking Facebook. Or Twitter. Or checking email. Or TV. Or whatever.

[Oh, it’s not like I’m never on Facebook, but it’s certainly a lot less so far this year, and I must say: I like it. Same with Twitter. I’ve darned near let that go wholesale. It’s just so unnecessary. But occasionally something strikes my fancy. Like the other day, someone posted a photo on FB of a yummy looking sandwich they were having, but it wasn’t the sandwich catching my attention so much as the table. And its top made of Scrabble tiles!!! OMG. I immediately scribbled a note in my Plum Paper planner about a DIY project for this year in which I will refurbish something into a game table whose top is all Scrabble tiles. And yes, I looked and sure enough: you can buy Scrabble tiles in bulk. Who knew….]


Each morning, at various times, I simply peek out a window at the sky. Sometimes, like this morning, a mere glimpse of less than ten seconds reaps glorious rewards. I mean, who doesn’t wanna see Mother Nature pull a blanket up over a glorious moon? Other days it’s that blazing palette of reds and pinks and oranges in the east at the break of sunrise. I don’t stand there long. But long enough. Long enough to emit an oooooooh or an ahhhhhh and to say Thank You.

In what has been quite the bonkers beginning to 2018, this little practice has helped set a great tone to my days. And having that tone has helped me manage some calm when things around me were turbulent.

Oh, that looking out the window thing? It works at night too.

Early in January we got my hubby settled in a furnished apartment in our new town of Burlington, IA. It’s a massive apartment with ridiculously tall ceilings in the upstairs of a big ol’ brick building downtown. It has everything he could possibly need, save for cable and wifi, and is big enough if he wanted to have a town hall meeting, I’d wager to guess he could pack well over a hundred people in there. It’s big.

Anyway, one night I wandered out to get a drink of water from the fridge and to my right was light streaming in through the window. I walk over and …. well, wow.


I don’t know the name of this yet, but it’s situated a few blocks above his building.

Oh, did I mention Burlington has hills? Holy moly, Batman! Here’s a photo from the annual Snake Alley criterium:

snake alley criterium

We’ve conducted one round of house-hunting up there already. Was a good exercise in getting to know which parts of town we might be interested in, to get a feel for prices and home value, and for how long homes we might be interested in tend to stay on the market. We’ve already missed out on one we really liked, and just yesterday had the strangest story spun about why we would not be allowed to go look at another we like. It’s too complicated and bizarre to even broach, let’s just leave it at that.

At this end, we’re on the home stretch of “prepping” the hacienda before listing it. Good lord, what a process…

And therein lies another lesson bestowed upon us in all this: trust the process. Try and enjoy the process. Even when it gets tricky, endure the process. And by all means: ask for help! Learned that big-time already. I’ve leaned on help galore during all this. And I’ve hired out. I have to — it’s too much otherwise.

So … today I will finish my portion of prepping one final room and then this afternoon, I hand it over to a cleaning service to get after this place. I think that leaves me two closets to go through yet. Oh, and concurrently, I have my neighbor working on stuff too. He’s been a gem! When Poots was unable to get home this past weekend, I enlisted my neighbor’s aid to help put up new curtain rods/curtains, to install new hardware on stair railings, to repair and paint my front door, and now he’s finishing up some drywall work in the garage.

Come Thursday morning, someone will come take photos for our listing. I’m getting anxious for that part to happen. And be done. And to get on to showings. And offers, and a contract, and approvals … and to move on down the road.

Culmination. That’s what I’m anxious for now.

Of course, if I don’t “do my part”, then the grind stone slows to a halt, right? That said, I best depart from my happy little roost and get cracking on today’s to-do list.

Home stretch, baby….


2 comments on “home stretch…

  1. Anita Burgoyne
    January 30, 2018

    I had no idea you wrote a blog. I will subscribe. Loved this post.

    • jonib1226
      January 30, 2018

      Ahhh, thanks, Anita. Yeah, not nearly as consistently as I once was and far from its original purpose — which was to use it as a vessel for my songwriting process. But…..it still allows me to shake loose my cobwebs. It’s basically free-writing/morning pages. I just pour it out and edit very very little. It’s a “don’t think, just write” sort of thing. Therapy maybe?

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