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hang in there…

I have this gadget on my computer desktop which slide-shows through my photos throughout the day. It’s a small space down in the corner, so sometimes I’ll maximize it for a better look. It seems this particular photo has made its way into my purview several times over the past however many weeks…

hang in there

I’m here to testify………this is truth!

Granted, in some ways it feels like this “we’re moving home to Iowa” business has been going on for quite a while. And I guess maybe it has. But the acceleration of the past however many weeks has been rapid. And fruitful. And exciting. And scary. And fun!

Knowing what we quickly learned about the housing market up north, we were A-okay with taking our time getting this house on the market. We had ourselves convinced it would “sell fast”, so we didn’t rush, thereby buying ourselves a bit more time on the Burlington end for maybe a few more homes to show themselves. Or as we joke with our realtor, to “pop up out of the snow”.

Yeah, that whole rigamarole about them not getting any snow in the past three years?? Ppssssshht! They’ve got it now!

We’re tickled to say we got offer #1 on our house the 10th day after listing it. Day eleven was nuts, what with another offer surfacing, as well as a revised offer from the first interested party once they knew there’d be an offer #2.

Sidebar: I was back subbing during this and I have to say: I’ve never known those 8th graders to be sooooo quiet as they were that morning when I fielded a call from the relocation adviser to go over that first offer. Wow! By that evening, we were considering two offers and choosing one to move forward with. Slap on an extra day for the powers that be to bless everything and Bam! Done deal.

Bottom line: we will be vamoosing from these current digs before the end of March. Nuts, I tell ya — nuts!!

This next week, I’ll head north for what we hope/anticipate may be our final round of house-hunting. Sure, yeah — there’s a chance we won’t decide on something. Or that we’ll have to opt to rent for a while until something to our liking becomes available.


…… we simply hang in there, trust our journey, and allow the chips to fall where they may. And honestly? It feels like we have a few awesome chips waiting for us. We have a beat/bead — I honestly never know which word to use — on a few viable options. We will see both when I’m up.

One is guaranteed to be available as we want it but no guarantee we’ll be first in line to buy it. The other? We’re guaranteed to be first in line to buy it but no guarantee it’ll be ready when we want it. Both are in great neighborhoods, with one edging the other in terms of where I/we were hoping to wind up, both in terms of location and price. One has “the perfect garage” for Das Boat, the other has “potential”, but may require a bit of jury-rigging, we think. One is super close to a school, the other super close to really cool parks. One is super cute from the outside (and kinda our style) and boasts what appears to be a nice back yard; the other is a little ho-hum and the back yard would require some TLC. Each is just close enough to “the edge of town” that hopping on Benito and going for a nice long bike ride is completely doable. One is closer to “shopping”; the other closer to my husband’s fave new “local dive pub”. (I’ve been there too. It’ll be a staple. And any guest to our new digs, IF they like tenderloins? We’ll have to take them there….) Both homes are new enough and located such that “resale” however many years down the road should be winner winner chicken dinner.

So….conundrum? See where the “hang in there” and the “trust” stuff comes in??



Back in early December I think it was, I’d visited my PT for a little work-me-over during the early stages of the de-clutter and packing fest, and it was one of those days when the Universe stepped in and plunked down a whopping tasty morsel before me. I’d picked up the lobby Bible and randomly opened it and here’s where I landed:


I caught my PT up on all the goings on and within that conversation, he was very quick to shoosh me from allowing any teensy weensy bit of worry or what if or “but when’s the other shoe gonna drop?” out of my mouth. And he was right! Just trust!!! That’s been the go-to since this whole ballyhoo started! Since the day Patrick had his lengthy telephone interview that started all this craziness. We wanna go home? TRUST we will be set on a path which gets us home…

So yeah…. this little matter of “Will we have a house to move into?” Not to worry! No fretting needed! We simply must do our part — all required due diligence, keeping an open mind, being okay with however things come together — and the answer will show itself. When and as it’s meant to.

I, for one, am strapped in, hanging in, and ready for the rest of this crazy ride…


One comment on “hang in there…

  1. Del Moffit
    February 17, 2018

    You’ve got this, sister! I have faith that the chips will fall in your favor, and you will end up where you are supposed to be! Love you to pieces, and can’t wait til you are back in your home state!!! we

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