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Behind the scenes

The peeps…

Joni B. (that’s me) and my hubby, Patrick… here’s us in September ’09 at an Iowa Hawkeyes game. We’ve been living in Wichita, KS for five years now, but we retain our season football tickets and drive back several weekends each fall to cheer on Iowa. Go Hawks!!!

PBandJ at Kinnick Stadium, Iowa City




Our housemates are two very spoiled cats, Johnny and Olivia. Knowing they’ll likely get some attention in this blog, you may as well get to see them too. Olivia’s the tiger cat; Johnny’s the black cat.









The props…

My guitar is a Guild D25, circa 1970. My brother put it in my hands many, many moons ago and it never quite made it back home to his.


My recording studio? Wait, no — there’s no recording studio. This is a low-rent, low-tech thing I’ve got going. Seriously. I paid less than $60 for a Sony digital voice recorder. I park that on the futon next to me and the Guild, take a couple cracks at getting the song recorded and then upload to the computer. Nothing swanky, but it serves its purpose.

I do most of my composing either in my Trailblazer driving to and from my workplace … or in the shower. My M.O. is to sing and sing and sing until I hammer out some semblance of early lyrics and melody, then sit down with the guitar and see if I can find supporting chords. While this page is indeed titled “Behind the scenes”, I trust you’ve all seen a Trailblazer .. and I’m not about to publish a photo of me singing in the shower. You’ll just have to trust me on this…

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