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the numbers

12: 12 months, yes. But also: 12 musical notes. Depending on your perspective, you can look at “12” as a limitation, a boundary … or as an immense canvas of opportunity. I’ll go with the latter, thanks.

26: 26 new songs. Honestly, I started out thinking 52 — one song per week. But my hubby’s “sense” caught up with me a little something like this:

Patrick:  A song a week?! Are you nuts?!

Joni:  Yeah, maybe.

Patrick:  You still have a full-time job, you know.

Joni:  I know.

Patrick:  And you just committed to training for a half Ironman next year?

Joni:  Yeah.

Patrick:  And you can’t just .. not sleep.

Joni:  That’s true.

In the end, I settled on 26 — one song, on average, every two weeks.  Because that’s way more reasonable with everything else going on! Hey, if I finish with anywhere between 26 and 52 songs in a year, I’ll be over-the-moon ecstatic!

So I landed on Mission1226.

And then I read John 12:26, in which Jesus says:  “Whoever serves me must follow me; and where I am, my servant will also be. My Father will honor the one who serves me.”

Following, serving — I’m down with that.

Finally, the “dates”: my goal however many weeks ago was to have this blog up and active by October 22/23, 2009 and for my challenge to run through October 22/23, 2010.

“22” has forever been my favorite number. Ever since the Don Shula and Bob Griese days when I became a life-long Miami Dolphins fan and ever since I was mesmerized by #22, wide receiver Mercury Morris. “22” has been my h.s. basketball jersey number, the one number in roulette I always play, and the number of miles from our driveway to our church’s parking lot. In summer of 2008, during a trip for my day-job, “22” also played a significant role in my faith walk. As I’ll share on my “herstory” page, October 22/23, 2008 were .. monumental days in my life.

It is fitting that I embark on this songwriting mission with those dates firmly on my heart…

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